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The Department of Police (DoP), also known as Delhi Police, is the main law and order agency for the National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT). It does not have jurisdiction over the adjoining areas of the National Capital Region. Vast career opportunities are available in Delhi Police at various levels. Some of the important recruitments are the following:

i) Constable
ii) Ministerial Cadre
iii) Sub-Inspector
iv) Assistant Commissioner of Police

Recruitment of Constables (Male & Female) in Delhi Police is done by a Recruitment Board appointed by Commissioner of Police. Candidates from all parts of country are eligible for recruitment. The vacancies are notified in the concerned Employment Exchange of Delhi and Central Employment Exchange on all India Basis. Besides, vacancies are also advertised in News Papers/Rozgar Samachar inviting application for open competition. And also available in www.igsinstitute.co.in The applicants are required to appear for Physical Examination, Written Test and Interview.

Direct Recruitment to the Ministerial Cadre is made only in the rank of Head Constable (Ministerial) and of Stenographers in the rank of Assistant Sub-Inspector. Competitive examination for this purpose is held for which candidates from open competition as well as from the department are eligible. Vacancies are also advertised in News Papers/Rozgar Samachars.

For Sub-Inspectors Staff Selection Commission places advertisements from time to time.

For Assistant Commissioner of Police the entire process is conducted and carried out by the Union Public Service Commission and candidates are selected through Civil Services Examination.

What You Can Expect In The Written Exam… Before you take the police exam, it’s vital that you understand what you’ll be facing. First, less than 1/3 of all the people that take the police exam will pass it on the first go. Why is this percentage so low?. Many candidates make the mistake of going into the exam thinking it will be easy or a “walk in the park”…when in reality, it is far from that. Because of this attitude, they put off studying and they pay the price of failure in the end.

There is no doubt that training to become a law enforcement officer is difficult, but it is only by means of focused and specialized training and instruction that you will be able to do the job that you will be called upon to do. That is why you have to prove that you are capable by means of the Police Officer Entrance Exam, and why it is so difficult to pass. However, there is something about it that many fail to understand. Also, why do so many capable people fail? One answer is that many tests and exam questions are looking for a high degree of analytical and logical thinking.

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